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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

 5  Stars 

City Boy by Greg Alverez, as the title suggests, is the autobiography of someone who believes in living life at the edge by taking risks and being bold. The author shares his zest and passion for life and he captures various happenings and adventures and puts it down for readers to savor the colorful and turbulent phases in his life. The book also throws light on the author's problem in staying faithful in his relationships and the women with whom he got involved. The rebellious streak that runs through the writer during his early years is relatable. The story is original and strikes a chord within the minds of readers.

The style of writing is detailed and nuanced, which makes the events vivid and lively and gives readers the feeling of witnessing the scenes. Despite his struggles and rebellious early years, the book shows readers how the author changes all the negatives to success points. The memoir is a celebration of life and the writer's honesty is genuine and refreshing. The author's thoughts are bold and he does not mind sharing these with his readers. The memoir encapsulates the writer's important years and evokes a sense of nostalgia in readers, taking them back to their growing up years. The book holds one's attention until the very end as the author's life is like a roller-coaster ride and that is what makes it an entertaining read.

reviewed by jack l.

 5 Stars

City Boy will bring back memories inside yourself

This story actually blew my mind. You think you are entering a tale of simple adventures and common happenings. You soon find out that Greg is taking you where few people are willing to go. Mr. Alverez rips his chest open and leads you down avenues and points of discussion few would choose to dare speak of or talk about to perfect strangers. His openness and honesty is refreshing and wholly unexpected. He says what most other people only dare to think. Not only are his actions and the adventures he tells us about outlandish and extraordinary....the topics and secrets he lets us in on are beyond anything I have read in the past.
I recommend the book highly but, not if you are a square or a prude or are narrow of mind. If your sensibilities are provincial and you shock easily you should not read this.

As for me, I say it took guts and a brave pen! BRAVO, Mr. Alverez!

reviewed by donna malone

 5 Stars

Cracy and full of adventure

City Boy took me back to my youth when life was crazy and full of adventure .It brought back so many memories. If I didn't know better I would swear a few chapters were written about me!. I loved the raw and candid way in which the author describes his experiences when hanging with his friends as well as his sexual escapades. Do yourself a favor and read this book, you won't be disappointed.

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reviewed by esperanza "hope" reynolds

5 Stars

July 27, 2019

The Author is from Denmark, yet throughout the book we find an in-depth understanding of these United States, our form of government, Constitutional rights and therefore, the obligations of each Citizen to participate in the process that helps determine the course of our history.

The author reminds us that our neighborhoods is our business and becoming familiar and involved in what is happening in our community is something we MUST take seriously... not merely for us but for future generations. In fact, to become an educated VOTER is our civic duty.

There are many web sites cited to help us navigate the Internet to the benefit of our efforts to select the right candidates and many suggested questions to ask about those who run for office.

Highly recommend obtaining the book, we have read most of it and find it an excellent tool!

review by radio show host mike essen

 5 Stars

Mike Essen

Fri, Jul 19, 9:57 AM

As someone who’s politically astute, Karina Schmitt’s new book “Voting” is not only so well written, structured and more, but it shows the difference philosophically between the 2 parties perfectly. I also give Karina the profile in courage award for taking on The Equality Act when few will do so. 4/4 stars to Voting.

- Mike Essen of the Mike Essen Radio Show

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